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Bay area head lice services and information is dedicated to providing schools and families with the most up to date information on head lice and the most professional head lice services in the San Francisco Bay area.
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Informational Links

California Center for Disease Control

California Department of Public Health

American Academy of Pediatrics


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Head lice services.

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Head lice services you can rely on.
Head lice services
Home - We provide personalized mobile in-home head lice treatment  through www.licepatrol.org serving the San Francisco Bay Area including north, south & east bay regions
School - We provide the most AFFORDABLE student head lice school screening solution at $1.00 (one dollar) per child, ($100 flat fee)

We facilitate early detection and prevention of head lice in schools through routine school screenings, and we perform personalized head lice treatments at your home for intervention and control of head lice cases and infestations.

Routine head lice screening and treatment is recommended by the California Department of Public health. (CDPH) After screening and detection of active head lice cases, "The most important component of head lice control is a thorough treatment" -  The first time

Students absenteeism resulting from head lice cases is a source of lost revenue for schools. Similarly, parents missing work having to deal with a head lice crisis at home is a loss in income. In alignment with the California Department of Public Health, lice patrol recommends an organized approach to lice prevention through routine school head lice screenings. This strengthens the sustainability of school revenue and household income, it improves classroom academic instruction, and  student learning by implementing an organizational approach to prevention.

Screenings are conducted on the basis of a whole school approach. Staff & student head lice screening facilitates early detection and prevention. Screening and treating are the two essential components to successfully preventing head lice from spreading. To request screening services for your school call (415) 608-8336 or email martina@licepatrol.org

School Screenings (Our recommendations)

We recommend school screenings be conducted three times yearly: after summer, winter and spring breaks. All children and staff should be screened at these times.

We conduct a follow-up post screening as recommended by CDPH two weeks after the initial screenings. At this point we recheck the children and staff that tested positive for head lice. If treatment was successful there should be no evidence of head lice at this point.

If treatment was provided through our services we will issue a Certificate of Completion and clearance for return to school.

We conduct on-site workshops educating school staff, childcare providers, parent groups and health care workers on the facts about head lice. Education is key to finding solutions.

We collaborate to aid schools and school districts tailor, design and implement a best practice head lice prevention model.

We facilitate implementation of school policies.

Why Not To use Pesticides

"Sometimes the medicine is worse than the cure."

Abrasions and broken skin make the  absorption of pesticides even greater, and with a head lice infestation there will be open wounds.  There is absolutely no need to expose children to any pesticides. From my experience toxic products are no more effective than non toxic products, if anything they leave the scalp tender to the touch and create more itching. If you are treating for head lice please look for a non toxic product. Most pharmacies carry one.

There are two types of pesticides in today's head lice products

Lindane (Kwell)

This is by prescription only. Lindane is adsorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. In Designer Poisons, Marion Moses, M.D. says Lindane should be banned.


This is found in Nix, Rid, Pronto, End lice and many other products. Any pesticide can theoretically cause allergic reactions, such as eye nose and throat irritation it can cause skin itching, burning, rashes, stinging, tingling and numbness

We understand first hand the sensitivities an common misconceptions associated with head lice. Therefore, we are happy to provide compassionate treatment to anyone and equally as happy to provide workshop support , tools and information that parents need to self treat.

For more information or to see a Parents Guide to Head Lice  visit California Center for Disease Control (CDC).

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